Hot Buttered Pretzels
Hot Buttered Pretzels

Buttered pretzels can be easily baked at home. You will get more natural product and will be thrilling by preparing process.
Just make sure you bought all necessary ingredients and go ahead. Mix flour, salt, sugar and instant quick rise yeast. Pour in warm water to make dough more dense. Then knead it and leave to rise in plastic bag. Once it became ready cut into pieces role and form pretzels. Don’t forget to dip them on warm water with baking soda prepared on the heat before. Salt them and set aside for few min. Next bake until pretzels are puffy. After baking top with butter every piece. Pretzels are ready. Just choose the main dish that may be soup or broth and enjoy nutritious dinner. Your friends will be shocked when they find homemade pretzels in your kitchen. After treating they will be impressed even more, because taste is much better.

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