Chicken in Lemon Butter Caper Sauce
Chicken in Lemon Butter Caper Sauce

Enjoy this incredible delicious dish!
Slice the chicken meat into pieces. Using meat hammer, pound them until each of them is 0,25-inch thick. Mix flour, grated Parmesan, pepper&salt. Coat chicken cutlets in this flour mix.
Heat oil (olive) on middle high. Transfer parts of chicken to a skillet with heated oil, fry well( three min. per side). Put the chicken cutlets into a plate. Tent with aluminum foil, let away to rest.
In another pan melt 1T butter. Add onion, cook, stirring during three min. Then add garlic and cook together 0,5 min. Combine with lemon juice and wine, make it boil. Keep cooking for 5 min. (on a high) until it remains about two tbsp of liquid. Make the heat low, stir in pieces of butter, (gradually), until it’s well melted. Sprinkle it with pepper&salt.
Serve the chicken cutlets and sauce with 8 oz of prepared angel hair pasta. Bon appetite!

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